Tasting — Austin Blonde (Coffee Pale Ale)


Red, crazy-eye red. Vienna malt versus 2-row comes out darker. I’ve seen some discussion that the coffee beans make also darken the color as well. This doesn’t look pale at all. But it’s certainly not a Stout.

Massive coffee nose, with chocolate and vanilla. Sweet malts. No hops at all despite the huge hopping.

All coffee, and chocolate flavor. Good hop bite but no citrus despite the hop bill.

Thick mouthfeel, chewy even. Strong body. Caffeine and alcohol hit hard. It’s a bit hard to drink a full pint without feeling like you’ve taken three shots of espresso

Really impressed with this beer. I’d brew this again, with all 2-row or pilsner to really lighten up the color. I think I’d drop the “flavored” coffee and just got with some of my favorite local beans. I dry-hopped with coffee for 48 hours, next, I’d probably go 36 instead. And also dry-hop with some hops to bring some more hop aromatics back.

2 thoughts on “Tasting — Austin Blonde (Coffee Pale Ale)

  1. The color on that is awesome. When adding the coffee, did you throw crushed beans in a hop sack to “dry-hop” before packaging?

    • I used a 1 gallon paint strainer bag (nylon). I used 3 oz of whole beans, leaving them in the beer for about 48 hours.

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